Whole Home Surge Protection Toledo OH

Toledo Residential Surge Protection

Surges happen. They can come from outside your home. They can start inside it, too. When one occurs, it can damage electronics or worse. Surge protection helps protect your home by blocking voltage above what is safe. That’s especially important given the growing complexity of systems in your home.

Whole Home Surge Protection Toledo OH

Surge Protection Toledo

Surge Protection Comes In Two Flavors—We Recommend Both

Whole home surge protection is performed by devices wired directly to your electrical panel or meter. They help protect everything in your home. We train our Mister Sparky® of Toledo electricians to ensure proper installation of this front-line defense.

Point-of-use surge protectors help protect appliances and devices from any power surge coming into your home through electrical outlets, cable connections, telephone, and network connections. Remember, though, not every power strip is a surge protector. In fact, power strips along provide almost no protection.

Layer Your Protection

Never plug an electronic device directly into the wall. By installing whole home surge protection, you’ve taken the first step. The second step is ensuring you have a surge protector between the outlet and your device.

Expert Residential Whole Home Surge Protection

Call All Seasons Mister Sparky® of Toledo to protect your home, devices, and your family. Our fully stocked red truck will be at your door in a jiffy. Our licensed and insured electricians come with what they need to do the job right, guaranteed!