Ceiling Fan Installation Toledo OH

Our Mister Sparky Electricians Are Ceiling Fan Experts

Ceiling fans save you money and make rooms more comfortable by increasing air circulation. But, their installation can be tricky and best left to one of our Mister Sparky electricians.

Ceiling Fan Installation Toledo OH

Ceiling Fan Installation Toledo OH

Ceiling Fan Installation Only Looks Easy

There’s more to installing a ceiling fan than popping out a lighting fixture and replacing it with a ceiling fan. For instance, if you’re adding a fan where one didn’t exist, the box itself may need replacing. Ceiling fans must be adequately anchored to an electric ceiling box designed to hold heavy fixtures. Our Mister Sparky Electricians will inspect your electric ceiling box to determine if it needs replacement or is compatible with the ceiling fan you want to install.

Size is a factor as well. Too small a fan won’t provide the benefits you expect. Too large a fan will make a room uncomfortable. We can help you select the correct size fan based on your space.

One more thing: how high is that ceiling? A fan has to maintain a minimum clearance to provide air circulation. It also shouldn’t be hung too high up either. Our Mister Sparky Electricians have the experience to ensure your fan is installed for optimum benefit.

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