Whitehouse AC Inspection

When it comes to your home’s air conditioning system, an annual inspection is the best way to ensure that it’s running efficiently and safely all summer long. During an inspection, your local HVAC technician will check for any safety issues, as well as cleanliness and efficiency. They may also recommend any critical repairs or upgrades.

What is an AC Inspection?

An AC inspection includes a safety check to make sure all components of the system are functioning properly and that there are no potential hazards. The technician will also test the system for efficiency, ensuring that it is using as little energy as possible. Finally, they will clean the unit and check all parts for damage or wear.

What is included in Your Whitehouse AC Inspection?

At a minimum, an AC inspection should include:
– Checking the refrigerant levels
– Measuring airflow and pressure
– Cleaning the coils
– Checking the electrical wiring and connections
– Inspecting the compressor motor
– Checking the thermostat

The best way to ensure your home is cool and comfortable all summer long is to schedule an annual AC inspection. This process includes examining your system for any potential problems and making necessary repairs or adjustments.

Why choose Us for Your Whitehouse AC Inspection?

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